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    Question Please Help!! Need assessment of my websites Server needs and server suggestions

    Hey everyone.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    My website is

    We show movies, stream music, show pics, and all that good stuff - but use hardly any bandwidth at the moment. Max bandwidth we could possibly need be around 200-500gigs for now.

    I'm not too savvy on servers

    - for a site of this dynamic nature would shared hosting be able to support graphics, and content or should I stick with dedicated?

    - if I stick with dedicated what kind of server specs (ie: speed and stuff) would I need to support the site to keep it running smoothely and fast?

    - finally any suggestions to a good server (shared or dedicated) that is inexpensive and would best match your assessments?

    Thanks you very much for your time.

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    mnash If you think you would do about 200 GB then you should go for a dedicated server.

    Do you have any idea how to manage a dedicated server, (Server management) if not then you might have to go with a managed server option which is a bit more expensive.

    Again you did not mention which platform you want Linux / Windows.

    If you arent doing a lot of server intesive and database stuff then a Celeron would do good, else a P4 with 1024 MB Ram should be good.

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    Great thanks. My designer would manage the server. We would need Linux.

    Not sure what you mean by intense server and database stuff. It would just be the website streaming content and what not.

    Anymore help is much appreciated

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