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    [Urgent Request]Medieval Japanese Template

    I'm searching for someone who can create a Medieval-Japan themed site template.

    -Header with a place for a banner (Optional, if it can fit somewhere in the content area)
    -Links/controls at top of design, under header graphic
    -Area for 'special' controls (Who's online, user stats, etc.) preferably on top, but if it fits on the side and has over 650px of content room left - thatíll work
    -Medieval Japan themed (Any color scheme, as long as it fits the era - Balsa wood, rice paper, samurai, ninja, etc.)
    -1024x768 minimum resolution with at least 700 width content room
    -Under 100kb
    -Done by Thursday night or Friday morning

    -While I can only afford to pay $50 for this site template, I am willing to mention you or your design company in my news area, and keep a constant logo/link (max 30px height, 100px width) on the site as well.
    -Currently my site (In signature) gets 1,000 unique per day, and will be getting a lot more, as I will be spending $200 on advertising, once the new site is live.
    -Although this doesn't count as 'payment', the designer(s), will get into our beta test as well, and receive 6 months free hosting (100m/5g).

    If you can design a site to the above specifications, please PM or e-mail me with your past work experience and examples... We will need to work together designing it all out on paper (Whiteboard on Netmeeting, or any other application with a whiteboard), before you begin.

    Our artist has agreed to help with any artwork needed for the site design, as well - so you do not need to draw.


    Site information (If this helps):
    -Game information
    -In-game screen shots
    -Role-playing area (Player background, stats, etc.)
    -Team page
    -Possible web-based irc channel
    -Developer area/bio page (Team member's diary, stats, etc.)
    -A few other things along these lines

    I would be willing to add $5-10 to the payment, if you could mod phpBB to fit the design (And look good)

    Please note Iím only looking for the actual site/design - I can program it all; I just need someone to make it in Photoshop (Or whatever it is you use), and piece it together in html so I can move my code over into it.

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    I'm confused. If your artist has agreed to "draw", what exactly all does the designer who accepts the job have to do? Why couldn't your designer draw the layout? I'm not criticizing, but be a bit clearer when you say your artist will "help".

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    He has agreed to draw out any characters or landscapes needed for the design.

    Whoever accepts this job, needs to work with me to get a layout setup and then create it all.

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    Thats asking a lot for only 50. Good luck none the less

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    I have to agree, $50 is pretty low for a layout that has to be made from almost scratch. It will take at least 5 hours to do a basic for one person. and then another 5 hours at the least to finish it up.That means $5/ do the math
    But good luck, I'm positive you'll find someone.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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