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    Server Management

    It seems that with ev1servers I can get the most bang for my buck. I'm looking in the $300/mo. range, and would like to get a dedicated machine that's managed. Though ev1 doesn't offer server management, it seems like it still might be best to go with them and contract someone to do the management.

    So here's my question -- who would you recommend for the management part of the equation? I've seen AngelNetworkz, VisionEx Communications, and Acunett all recommended here, but I'm curious what other options there are and what people's experiences have been with them. AngelNetworkz seems to offer a nice management package, but they don't offer phone support. I want somebody that I can call at 3 AM on Christmas morning.


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    Here is a partial list of managed service providers who participate on WHT, and have a good track record:

    Steve and his team from
    Huck and his team from
    Mouse and his team from
    gpan from Cheetaweb (.com ?)
    Ryan from

    I do recommend calling the companies you short list to get a good feel of the people with whom you will be entrusting your server; do not rely on just email.

    When you got the short list down to one or two, then get and check references (again on the telephone, not just email).

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    As I only have experience with Len at I can only recommend him, he is great!
    But dunno how the rest of the bunch perform..

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    The owner of the company is a Mod at the EV1 forums and has a lot of "stroke" with them.

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    Mouse from EZSM is also a mod at ev1 forums. We've got a bunch of servers with them and couldn't be happier. No phone support though...expect to pay big time for that.

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    i always use for external server management. They are cheap and seem to do a good job, although I must admit I only use them when im understaffed. - Quality Web Solutions That Work!
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    Originally posted by Vpower
    As I only have experience with Len at I can only recommend him, he is great!
    But dunno how the rest of the bunch perform..
    I would recommend him as well Great guy! or is recommend as well

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