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    Looking to purchase websites.

    Revenue is not important but content, traffic, and ease of maintenance are all key factors when I make an offer.

    Please do not offer websites that do not contain all three factors.

    Budget is small (mid $XXX) but one site can have it all.

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    any particular type of sites you are looking for?
    Greg Lubbelinkhof

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    Are forums a type of website you would be looking at?, a Digitally Justified Company
    Celebrating our 9th year in Business

    Proudly Hosting with CANADIAN bandwidth
    Managed Hosting, Multi-Domain Hosting, Colocation, Merchant Accounts

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    Nothing in particular. I can accomodate for any bandwidth or server requirements.

    Forums are low on my priority list.

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    I can sell you for under $100, PM me with a offer

    Users: 26
    John Heslop

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    Both of the following sites are easy to use and maintain. Unfortunately I don't have any stats for either site.

    Script Index Site With a Great Pair of Domains and pair including site. Domains are catchy, short and memorable. Both registered at namecheap with over 11 months left each.
    See site here:
    Price: $150

    Developed Dating Site -
    This dating site allows for free signups to use the site such as finding a match and messaging and can vote on their favorite people, plus rate other users. For advanced features, users can upgrade their account on a subscription bases handled through PayPal. Advanced user accounts get features the free account does not provide, such as access to the whose online instant chat system, create a buddy list of their favorite member, block members they do not want contact from and use the instant messenger.
    Admin panel features:
    Users: here you can view all registered and unregistered users. This is where you will upgrade, downgrade, accept and delete new members
    IP protection: here you can view blocked IP and add/delete IP
    Maintenance : here you can delete old pics, info from the database plus purge unvalidated signups.
    Newsletter : here you can send newsletter to all your registered members
    Site Configuration : here you can modify basic information about your website from setting up the database, email, PayPal and copyright information
    Site Banners : here you can upload banners to your site that will display in random order on your site. You can promote other sites or sell advertising space.
    Domain is at namecheap with over 11 months left.
    Price: $40.00 by Paypal

    Jamie, - [email protected]
    AIM: Atividotcom | ICQ: 334982413 | MSN: [email protected] | Yahoo: Atividotcom

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