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    Question RELIABLE and easy to use dedicated server

    I need a server to run just a couple of sites. They will nead a big deal of badwidth and I need a dedicated server as I want the minimum downtime possible.

    I was thinking of going into the 1and1 managed servers as this is not for reselling, but I've seen some negative posts about it.

    If you have some recomendations I'd appreciate. The most important characteristics are:
    Bandwidth (high burst)
    Reliable NOC

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    whats your budget?
    Matthew Gunnin
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    Since you do not seem to know how to run a dedicated server, I would suggest you take a look at They offer true 100% managed servers and they should fullfill your 3 requests.

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    Or have a look at the forum for DS Offers. In any case, even with two0or three sites, it is a good idea to have root access which you will not get at 1and1.
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    :: VDSP.Net :: Directory of virtual and dedi serv providers by location and price

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    Well I don't think lot of people actually like 1and1. I am sure if you do a search on this forum. You will find enough negative comments about them.

    Most companies offer 99.9% uptime
    and if you want good support sometimes picking a smaller companies may be good as their support will be more dedicated. (from my personal opinion.)

    If you want any advices from me on this please email me [email protected]

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    Originally posted by samtam

    Most companies offer 99.9% uptime
    and if you want good support sometimes picking a smaller companies may be good as their support will be more dedicated. (from my personal opinion.)
    My main concern with small companies is their survival you see.
    I totally agree in the point of the dedicated support, but I've also read awfull stories here about people dissapearing. Money is of no concern in this cases, but your data, the process of recovering it, setup a new space and the downtime!!

    THis is why I'd preffer at least a medium company with a couple of years in the market.

    Have a nice day!

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    Of course when I mean small company, I do mean i.e company not run by kid and rent server from SM or EV1 etc.

    By saying that I mean small company may be with a few guys and been running for 1 year or so.
    I.e Ourselves is a good example. lol

    Small company will usually have a better support and better care of their clients as losing them will have a some impact on their profit while big company may not care.

    I have heard from one company which is very well known. This guy said, "We don't care if we lose 100 dedicated server clients this month as we will be getting another 1000 clients next month"

    That is some kind of attitude that we don't want to deal with.

    But anyway do you have an email address therefore we can talk about it on email?

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    Self promotion is not allowed in here. Come on, if you want to make customers on this board, register as a premium member and reply to the host quotes.

    Otherwise, I don't know he would need to talk to you by email. This is a community so he may talk in here in public so we can all help him find the right company.

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    Yeah, pony up your paycheck to Big Brother like the rest of us


    Were you looking for a managed server in particular, or are you indifferent?

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    I like the idea of having the "easyness" of a regular webhosting but having a full server and lots of BW

    THat is why I first thougt of 1and1. I just want a couple of sites in the server. I wont resell, but I'd like to give my partners the chace to manage the sites as well.
    I'd love bluewho to have dedicated servers

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    Well if you’re just looking to host a few personal sites, maybe you don’t even need a dedicated server. You could just go with a reseller account that provides you with WHM so you can create separate accounts for your customers / associates. How much total space and bandwidth do you need? And if you need something with “root” access, you could look into VPS solutions.

    If you are determined on getting a server -> does the location matter?

    (US) West Coast ->
    (US) Central ->
    (US) East Coast ->

    Those are some QUALITY server providers that I’d recommend to you.

    If price is not a concern, you could sign up for one of those leased servers, and then hire a server administrator to completely manage the server for you. There are plenty of server administration companies represented here on this form that would be able to satisfy your needs.

    Brendan Diaz

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