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  1. Domain resell system


    Where are the domain systems used on, and coming from?

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    I am not sure I understand your question.... Are you interested in knowing who the registerar for this domain is....or who owns the domain right now...

    Please explain...atleast i hope its just not me who is not getting it...

  3. My excuses if I was unclear in my post.

    I mean this: The 3 sites I've posted are using the same domain registration/client/billing system (also the layouts are similar to each). Where can I buy a system like that?

    I hope you'll understand me!

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    That's the system offered by Directi, an ICANN accredited registrar.

    Try to contact them.
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    Oh well late again I see
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  6. Thank you, Eboy and Goldwing!

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    The system you are refering the street name for that is 'reseller accounts for domain names'.... Reseller account for domain names is good if you/you clients want to buy domains through your company although its registered through directi or anyother certified registerer.... For future reference you can run a search on or anyother common domain lookup tools to find that info.....

    Hope all this info helps you and sorry about the confusion....

    Good Luck

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    here is some of the other tools for domain lookup.....what can i say can't say away from WHT
    and there are tons more may not tons but still

    Just make sure you use it within the guidelines mentioned in their respective website...just disclaimer on my part...

    I am very late compared to you gold wing
    Good Luck

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    you can use ready made systems like or
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