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    Thumbs down Western Union (my worst ever experience)

    Hi Everybody,

    I wanted to share my experience with Western Union within the last days and was hoping to get some feedback from other users.

    A few days ago I wanted to use the Western Union service (first time) to pay for some ebay auctions. I thought that would be a nice easy job as the seller asked me to transfer the money using Western Union.

    So I registered with Western Union. I was waiting patiently for the welcome e-mail which asked me to confirm the registration.

    So I click on the link and went then back to the homepage believing I am now ready to send money, but noooooooooo hang on you are still way of.

    It gave me username/password mismatch error message when I tried to login. Hmmm I thought I probably mistyped them lets try again.
    No way that I could login to the site.

    I evt. later found out that they have several sites.

    Going to the second link showed my a screwed page in my Konqueror browsing tool. Never mind I evt. figured out that they must have 2 different logins for sellers and buyers, so I registered again (this time for the buyer).

    So another registration confirmation e-mail arrived and I clicked the link in hope that soon my money will be on its way to the receiver.

    Cool I thought now I am ready to go. But waaaaaait not so quick my little friend.

    First we want you to fill in the form (which is fair). Then they have an additonial step were somebody is actually reviewing your payment and deciding if they are going to make that transaction.

    Needless to say all my payments were denied ( 3 of them).

    So I carefully read the TOC once more, checked the transaction details the CC details (just in case), I called my Credit card company and tripple checked that I had no open obligations or something.

    So then I decided, hang on that is about time were you should try to get Customer service involved.

    Customer Service I remember vague are those nice and friendly people which help you in case something doesnt go as you expect it, or you are to lazy to get it done yourself and have a contract ;-).

    So I politely wrote an e-mail stating my case and asking them if they perhaps could let me know what I did wrong. Perhaps I did not understand their procedure of transfering money.

    It was roughly a half day later when I got a long e-mail template like standrad answer basically stating that they could not disclose those information to me as it is business secret how they decide which transaction to do and which ones they wont.

    So I thought "Well, that is a bit odd, but lets stick with for now". So I replied to the "friendly" Customer Service team that I respect their decision and procedures, but I would be interested to know what to do different in my next transaction in order to make a successfull wire transaction.

    After a day I received exactly the same template e-mail with the same standard text again stating that they could not disclose those information to me as it is business secret how they decide which transaction to do and which ones they wont and a little note at the end

    "NOTE: Due to possible fees and/or delays, we recommend that the seller check locally to determine the ease and feasibility of cashing the money orders in countries other than the United States and Canada. YOU MUST CHECK WITH THE SELLER BEFORE SENDING ANY INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT."

    Excuse me but that really p*ss*d me off. It is exactly this moment when I decide to share my experience with other people in order to get a wider pricture.

    Does anybody else out there have similar stories to tell about Western Union or perhaps has an advice for me what I might watch out for when working with Western Unions ?

    (Please feel free to let yourself go, as you know its a small world ;-)
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    Well we use them to transfer money - but we always go into a Western Union. Locating one - well that is another story. I have called them a few times because their licensing agents are always changing or moving & are never exactly where they state they might be.

    I am still very surprised if they allow you to send money via a credit card anymore. Because you could always call your bank & request a chargeback and then Western Union would be out the money since more than likely - your customer already picked it up.

    I think there are still some things that just cannot be conducted over the internet yet.

    And what is wrong with the little note? It happens every day - people send money to other people & then they cannot cash the money order. A lot of people just do not know - most Western Unions have the cash, but a lot will issue a money order instead. And if that money order cannot be cashed - what good is it?

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    Try not to use WU to pay for auctions, makes it easy for fraudsters to mooch your money. High quality hosting, low low prices.
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    Western Unions has very high rates.
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