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    Just left (Worst ever!)

    Very disappointed with their constant downtime, poor customer service, and they ripped me off and billing refuse to respond. Filed a complaint with better business bureau and should have done my homework first. Here is what I found about the Lyden, WA location:

    General Information

    Phone Number: (206) 350-1777
    Type-of-Business Classification: Internet Web Site Hosting
    Website Address:

    We are attempting to develop information on the company. At the present time we do not have enough information to issue a full report.

    Nature of Business

    website host

    Customer Experience

    Based on BBB files, this company has an unsatisfactory record with the Bureau due to unanswered complaints. The company has resolved some complaints presented by the Bureau, however, the Bureau did not receive a response to other complaints. Additionally, the company responded to one complaint addressing the disputed issues and exhibiting a good faith effort to resolve the complaint satisfactorily. However, the consumer may not have been satisfied with the outcome.
    and about the West Palm Beach, FL location:

    Additional File Information

    According to information in Bureau files mail sent to the business has been returned by the Post Office as undeliverable and all the phone numbers have been disconnected.

    Report as of: 5/10/2004
    Never get a response from billing and when contacting customer support, you always get this:

    I am forwarding your issue to the billing section. Please
    give them some time to get back to you.

    Please let us know if you require anything else. Thankyou."

    Same response from customer service 3-4 times and still no response from billing.

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    Too bad, how long were you with them?
    Cory Pippen
    San Diego Direct Web, LLC

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    Well thats sad to hear... Yet another out of home webhost it seems that went bad or were they already bad?

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    Sorry to hear bout your bad experience...its always sad to see companies which don't look after their customers! Better luck with your new host...theres plenty of good ones out there, just do your research
    Nick Winton
    Support & Relations Windows 2003 Server Hosting

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    Thanks for the heads up and sorry to hear that you're having problems. Good luck solving the issue!

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    There are plenty of hosts around these parts that will take good care of you.

    And you learned an important lesson Do your homework first!

    Good luck,
    Derrick - High Quality Reseller/ Multiple Domain Hosting.

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    My former partner didn't want any downtime due to bandwidth, so he said he would pay for additional bandwidth. He requested 10 GB ($15). Here is where I got ripped off. Instead of charging him the $15, they charged me for the normal hosting price ($9.95) plus charged me for an additional 40 GB, not 10. So, that additional $60 caused 2 checks to bounce (bank charged me an additional $29 per bounced check) and because I didn't know about it, I was charged $5 per day until account was positive. So, instead of paying my normal $9.95, I was out of an additional $128 (for 1 month). I contacted billing and they finally responded that they got a request for 40 GB additional, but my former partner sent me ALL e-mails that showed he only requested 10 GB (along with reference #'s to prove it and for them to look up). Since then, billing refuse to respond about their screw up. I forwarded all of this info to the Better Business Bureau and they are unable to get in touch with them. The 1-877 number on imhosted website is a automated service and it will tell you to contact technical support, reach them on the web and with billing, leave a message.

    For anyone who is thinking about going to imhosted, you've been warned.

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    Originally posted by autobilia
    So, instead of paying my normal $9.95, I was out of an additional $128 (for 1 month).
    Nick Winton
    Support & Relations Windows 2003 Server Hosting

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    Err...I hate to hear stories such as this and they seem to be on the rise.
    In your case though, it appears you may have been better off had you paid by CC because you could have filed a chargeback.
    *sigh* - Quality Web Hosting - Under A Gig! - Since 1999

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    Sounds like a pretty bad host!

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    Yes... Martie said it right... you might want to consider paying by CC next time. You'll have the chargeback as a last resort.

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    Well, there will be no next time with imhosted

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    thats weird. never heard that before. im with them now, and ive had no problems. of course, they never billed me for 10 months straight, until a couple days ago and shut down my site, lol ... they just told me to renew ...

    but ive never had problems... .my support tickets always got answered, and they have installed any modules, etc that ive asked ....


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    Hope good luck with your future and so that you can move on....I would recomend serious research before signing up with anybody....

    Good Luck

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    I would recomend serious research before signing up with anybody....
    I will second that. Serious research!

    Good luck!

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    I will third that. Serious research!
    Whichever host you decide to sign up, do read a review at WHT before paying. And it's better you move as early as possible and get your site in safe home.
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