Hello All,

I am facing a typical problem in qmail which is that sometimes it does not authenticate the username and pass. It just shows you the dialog box though the username and apss is correct. Then I have to reboot the whole server and then it starts working properly.

This is happening for last 2 weeks. It happens anytime. Going deeper into this problem whenever this userame and pass box comes I check in the maillog the error I get is this :-

"May 10 18:35:06 ldap qmail: 1084194306.142054 delivery 4912: deferral: Timeout_while_performing_search_on_LDAP_server_(server_overloaded?)._(LDAP-ERR_#206) "

I thought it is getting less time to authenticate so I created a file called ldaptimeout in /var/qmail/control and put 3600 seconds into it. But still the problem persist.

My server config is REDHAT 9 with qmail-ldap