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    Needed asap: VB hacker/coder

    I need a download manager hack to be made for a VB based site. I would like to have this completed by the end of the week, if possible. Here are some of the features I need:

    Admin features:
    - Add/remove categories
    - Upload files w/ file name, description, screenshot (optional), and download counter
    - File submission system for users to submit files. Admin must moderate all file entries.

    This needs to be fully integrated into my site. I also want a "module" on my idex page listing the top 5 newest available downloads. PM me with any questions, I would like to start this today. Thanks!

    Check out my site to get a feel for the project at:

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    There are already mods like this available.

    If you would like me to install one for you, do let me know

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