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    Lightbulb Planned execution of a script - AT not present ?

    Hello to all,
    I want to have a script launched at a very precise time one given day.
    I have found a good solution on a RedHat machine (cronjob triggering the mails, sent with the AT command), but when trying to copy it to our RAQ 550 I found the AT command not to exist on it ?
    How can I have these emails sent at precisely the hour we need on that day ?
    thank you,

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    Put it in /etc/crontab

    Crontab will be processed similar to an at command but it is persistent.

    For more info see various howto's on cron.

    Sync your server with ntp so that the server's time is accurate.

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    if you need at, you can get the sources from
    and compile + install it on your own

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