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    Unhappy i want some help or advice regarding my paypal account.

    hi guys,
    i am from india. i want some help or advice regarding my paypal account.because i am an international member paypal wants an us bank account or a credit card to withdraw the problem is i cant withdraw/accept payments that get on my there any way to open an us bank account.or is there any guys who can help me to open an us bank account. please help me soon in this matter.

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    To solve your problem you should use a different service such as "remit to india".

    Do a search on google and you will find it. You must explain to your clients about that situation.

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    I am just wondering. Since you can sign up Paypal in India, can't you use the money transfer service directly to your indian bank via Paypal? Might have a slight charge but convenient and i think worth the try.

    I can't confirm with that but I have a UK account and I can do so smoothly.

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    Not sure this will help but

    There a few 3rd party billing solutions that could be used to send and recive payments.

    The other is

    Best regards,


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    Hi Jaik,
    There are a few 3rd party processors like for accepting credit cards online, But i have heard that few services for NRI (Non Resident Indians) like cash2india allows you to send payments through paypal ( Not sure about reliablity).
    But if you are looking to start your e-business or planning to process funds online on a regualar basis i would recommend you to go for a 3rd party processor like

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    you might also want to check out

    they're run by the people from directi, i think.

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