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    Looking to buy a few things!

    I'd like to get a few prices on the following things:

    1) Owned vB licenses available for transfer. (Moderator confirmation of the license is required). (Offering no more than 80 USD for theses!)
    2) 1U rackmounts preferably P4 2.0GHz+ uses DDR ram.
    3) Webhosting templates that are sliced/coded. (Offering no more than 20 USD a piece for these!)
    4) WHMAP licenses available for transfer. (Moderator/Brandee approval required.)
    5) Catchy webhosting domain names.
    6) Failed or failing free webhosting providers.

    You may PM me or reply to this thread.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi LifelessHost,
    We can help you out with: 5) Catchy webhosting domain names.
    Take a look at BBCSNetwork
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    LiteSpeed, cPanel, Fully Managed WordPress, CloudLinux, DDoS Protection, Daily Backups,
    RAID 10 Pure SSD, Premium Network, 24/7 Support, 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

    Over 15 years experience in the Web Hosting Industry.

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    Hi LifelessHost,
    I am selling my owned Xpanel Pro license (no expired date, lifetime license) for $40 USD. More details on this script can be found here,

    This script allows u to offer free webhosting service to your members (u can add a header and footer to those free sites)

    I am selling this license on this thread :

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    Domains: and .net and .net and .net and .net

    (but certainly no $10 offers please)

  5. #5 //domain, make offer through pm


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