We're located at One Wilshire in Los Angeles, and are about to launch our new specials this week (and our new website. excuse the one we have up..). I'm copy-and-pasting the info from the marketing materials we're printing up. Pricing is as follows:

per rack u - $40
1/4 rack - $225
1/2 rack - $350
full rack - $650

2-9 mb - $100/mb.
10-19 mb - $90/mb.
20-49 mb - $85/mb.
50-100 mb - $80/mb.

Full Cab, 10mb unmetered, 20 amps - $1400/mo.
Full Cab, 100mb unmetered, 20 amps - $5000/mo.

unlimited IPs with justification, 99.9% uptime, 100mb burstable, IP by Mzima

Terms/Conditions: Fractional cabinets available now, full cabs available 6/15. 2mb bandwidth minimum.
All specials require 1 year commitment. On site access allowed for setup and emergencies for those under 1 cab. Remote hands available. Bandwidth metered on the 95th percentile. Installation fee of 1/2 monthly rate applies, first and last month due at signing. Offer good until 7/1/04.

Contact sales at geektek dot commer