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    Webinder, Do you have get it today?

    Webinder - a powerful web ebook maker!!!

    I build the forums of the with a few mintues.

    Very good!

    main page

    5 stars, Free

    Builded the book that format is chm. all contents in it.

    That is a powerful tools for build website web book. It can be used in Internet Papers Collection, Build Offline Website eBook, Build eStorybook, Build offline forum eBook, and so on.

    Webinder is an easy to use, powerful and very fast download tool, also it is an offline browser and e-Document maker. With it, you can download your favorite webpages. All you need to do are just several clicks. Webinder can help you to put all files you have downloaded together into an independent compressed HTML-Help(.chm) file which is more portable and convenient.

    The builded book(.chm) support full-text search and heading index, No additional software for starting and viewing the file is required, Webinder is a true powerful ebook builder.

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    if you have any question about the webinder. I am working hard to make it better. Maybe your idea will be here in the next version.


    Best regards.


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