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    Files don't exist but still show up.

    I'm i'm using rvskin and deleted the rvskin files, as well as the rvadmin account from WHM.

    However when i do "slocate rvadmin" in ssh, the folder and the files appear, even the home folder.

    When i try to enter the folder or open one of the files though ssh tells me they don't exist......

    How could they not exist but still show up with slocate?

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    maybe they are still in the database
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    which database, and what would cause them to not be removed when i deleted the account in WHM ?

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    slocate has a database which is updated once in a while according to the server configuration. So, even when you have deleted the files slocate database is not yet updated with the latest changes.

    You can manually update the database by running the command


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