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    Looking for a Quote


    I am currently In the process of coding a new project, I am looking for a professional Idenity for my new project. It will consist of Three Sites to start out, the following that will be requested is listed below.

    -Three Idenity Logos
    -Website (coded) or PSD
    -Unknown Number of Banners.

    Site 1 - Head Quarters Of Network
    Site 2 - Free Email Service Site
    Site 3 - Free Artist Profile Site

    The Following Sites Listed Below is what im looking for in quaility.

    This Project will be a side project away from the direction my company is currently looking at, but im looking for new ventures to explore and i currently have three sites average over 3 million views a month. I am currently just looking for a Quote and Interested Parties. I myself am a designer but i am far to busy to compelte this project in a certain timeframe. If a design could just be created and in PSD form to make it cheaper that would be great. Please do not come to me with an outrageous price, at this time im not looking to spend a large amount of money, but i will be needing a project come July with a budget of 13k which will be disclosed in the future after development.

    Thanks Again
    And i hope to hear from you shortly!

    [email protected] Please Send Profolio
    RackRhino Server Locations: MO, MI, NY, FL, UK
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    Dear Jay,
    I am interested in your projects… please have a look at my portfolio and let me know.

    AIM: mzakirpatel
    Yahoo Messenger: mzrp


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    We're also highly interested in your project. Please see a partial portfolio at and get back to me if you're interested, maybe with the full specs.
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    Here is my samples:


    I think the examples of website you posted are deluxe, i think this quality is not too cheap (but really good).

    I will send you mi portfolio by email.



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    Hi Jay, we've sent you an email with all the information you need, please do reply us back and let us know.

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