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    transferring from Yahoo Domains...

    when i registered my site, i did so with yahoo without doing much research. i figured i'd go with a trusted brand like yahoo but i've recently decided to switch hosting providers. the problem is, when i signed up with yahoo web hosting, it included my domain. about a week or a week and a half ago, i transferred my domain to but whenever i check the status, it says, "waiting for registrar approval." in addition, i can't do a whois search for my domain anymore. i was wondering, does anyone know how long this transfer process takes?

    i also can't figure out how to change the nameservers with yahoo. i go to and i can't find out where to do that. can anyone be of help? thanks!
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    okay, nevermind. i was checking on yahoo and they said they register domains at or something. so i did a whois search on their site, it said i was registered with godaddy. the whois says it was updated today so hopefully when i log in to my account, i can change the nameservers from there.
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    10,573 it will give you full information about it.
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    thank you. the whois search said my record was updated yesterday (around when i posted this issue) but when i logged into godaddy, it still had my transfer as "pending." today when i logged in, it was transferred to godaddy so everything is resolved.
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