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    anythoughts on how to imprive it?

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    More categories, scale the left hand navigation area, get rid of the counter, and how about some improvement on the '64 Bit Stuff' banner?
    Chris Tauscher

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    Logo is being worked on. more options will come, I just dont have much more content currently.

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    I do agree with DosEvil... it does need a few more categories, and once you have that logo done, then it should look quite nice

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    ugh, nameserver jumped back to its old parked space. this really stinks now i cant edit it lol.

    Nameservers hate me this week

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    It looks nice, but looks like something is missing.
    Maybe its just too blank.
    Im loving the top left corner though...

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    just fixed it up. adding some news pages now. heh nice to not have ot manualy type news in =)

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    May 10th is blank? no news lol?
    That counter on the bottom of the page has got to go.. it looks really bad.

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    ok the counter is gone, yeah no news due to the tornado warning here lol

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    I like how you have the google ads set up. It goes well with your site.

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    now if i can just get it to put other stuff besides linux stuff up there.

    I was suprised they had a template with more earthtone settings.

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    ok, I fixed up the forum. added some mre content.

    but man does it run slow on my computer for some reason

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    For me never loaded, not this morning, not now. Each time it gave me a timeout. Do you host your site at home? Maybe you have some problems with your host?
    Lorand R. Minyo
    Co-Founder @ Neveli

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    hmm no its through godaddy for now. im definatlylooking for a better place after seeing some of the prices and amount of bandwith offered elsewere.

    I know the name server has been a real pain.

    try using the ip adress

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    239 visitors so far, 12 people signed up for accounts so far.

    Now my bandwith is starting to be eaten up fast. either i need ot figure a way to make the page smaller. or find a better host. godaddy sucks for bandwith.

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