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    Question Word of mouth

    I highly doubt this can be answered accurately but I am wondering so I will go ahead and ask. How many clients did you (if your a big company) or do you think you would have before you start getting a word of mouth signup every week? Every day? Month? Meaning from one of your clients telling someone else about you or posting about it on their website?

    I know it varys a lot, and it is not consistant. But what are some of your rough numbers (if you track that)?
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    Perhaps 100-200 or so?

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    Depends from company to company, if you are a small company (this is keeping in mind your customers are very happy from your service) then you can get about 1-2 per month. Not all of them talk tooo much about hosting unless you really amaze them, then larger companies with 200+customers, take 10% of that even if 20 people refer to 2 people, thats 40 people probably in 1-2 months. The more people are happy from you, the more they would tell. Making estimates per week, month is hard.

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    Originally posted by DeathNova
    Perhaps 100-200 or so?
    BLCC is just old though. They've been around the scene since the '90's i believe. right around the same time i started.

    difference is they seemed to have been able to make a success of it.

    Unfortunately i've gone belly up due to my 4 years spent in the navy and having to go out on deployments for 6 months here and there, and then not hiring the right people to provide support while i was gone. NEWAYS, bitter much? nah, not me

    Point is, word of mouth referrals will come, eventually. as long as you provide a stable and friendly service, and STICK AROUND for a little while. Generally you'll find that after 6 months or so, you start getting a small influx of customers/orders from people that notice you've been around for a little while atleast. Then, they tell a friend, and they tell one, and so forth, and you're golden.

    That is, until the navy sends you on a 6month deployment or two or three, and you just go belly up.

    Ok, i'm done ranting, sorry
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    We do very little in the way of advertising hoping to rely on word of mouth. Though I would say only a handful signup from word of mouth, we mostly see our customers coming from search engines rather than referrals now days... So I would only count on a high referral rate or word of mouth if you got a good amount of customers already under your wing.

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    Heavily reliant on word of mouth, on the initial rush almost all of our sales were as per advertising. We now have no advertising campaign and still average the same amount of customers even a bit more via word of mouth.
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    5 or so new signups every month.. 3 of them are word of mouth ones. it used to be 3 signups a month, all 3 word of mouth... shows how things change slightly

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    I agree that it takes 100 to 200 customers to get started; and towards 500 customers before it can really add to common place referrals.

    Thank you.
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