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    Need small caracature done

    Image Here

    Can someone do a simple caracature of this picture? Paying $10 via paypal.

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    sent you a PM

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    That wasn't really what I was looking for.

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    Can you make his face a little plumper?

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    Click here

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    Hi, I am not sure if it would be suitable for your use but you can posterise it without much loosing the resemblance to the original image.

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    Any word on this? Have you decided anything more?

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    Is it all right if another competitor steps in? If not just ignore my submission.

    MY wacom is literally in the shop, otherwise I would outline this for you.

    Temporarily I hope it is to your satisfaction and if desired I will outline it for you in 3 days after I receive payment and after my wacom intuos 2 comes back!

    Otherwise good luck to everyone who submits!

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    For an update, I never really got what I was looking for.

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