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    Would copying the same content being a "rip"?


    I have a question, as we know a lot of people have experienced "rips" how we call it, when someone takes our Images/Complete site into theirs without permission. Now, what about Webpage content?

    I have this case where the person who did didn't bothered in changing words, so I was googling around, and found the site, and I was also looking @HostingRefuge

    Now, their page


    Cheap cPanel Control Panel.

    Free Bad Hardware Remplace.

    Support Availiable 24x7.

    Multi-Homed Network (Routed with more than 6 Providers!).

    1000Gbs & 100Gb Bandwith Servers.

    99.5 Uptime Guarantee.
    Now, our old site... wich it is still up but with no-links:

    Cheap Cpanel Control Panel

    Free Bad Hardware Remplace

    Toll Free Phone Support Availiable 24x7

    Cheap and Good Prices

    Multi-Homed Network (Routed with more than 6 Providers!)

    1000Gbs & 100Gb Bandwith Servers

    Can be Un-Managed or Fully Managed if you need one of the Management Services check "Server Management" Page.

    99.5% Uptime Guarantee SLA
    Just to know what you think...

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    It's a real shame that they even copy/pasted the spelling errors....

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    lol, it's always a shame to see spelling errors.
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    Originally posted by benoitb
    lol, it's always a shame to see spelling errors.
    haha, yes I know I posted on the actual Forum

    Even better, I help on HR and he posted on the Advertisement area... HOW CAN YOU HAVE THE GUTS TO POST WHERE THE OWNER OF THAT SITE ALWAYS CHECK THE FORUMS? That is stupid, really stupid...

    Anyways, if you want to see the threat it is located Here

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