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    php assignments

    Ok well when I learned java and networking, I read through materials and different information about them. And these materials and information gave me assignments to do to apply my knowledge. The first assignments gave me step by step assignments to do without showing me any examples or any coding(which I liked) then the later assignments just told me of what I needed to create. Now with php I'm reading and reading things and seeing examples, but I would like to have assignments to do to apply my knowledge. So I'm asking if anyone knows where I could get assignments to do?

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    The easiest way would be to buy/borrow a good php book. I don't know if Dietel & Dietel have a PHP book out, but they usually have assignments in their programming language books.

    A quick check of points to this book which has PHP references.
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    You can also try out or and start out on simple assignments. Be prepared to inform the client that you are a learner and would he/she be willing to go with you etc ?
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    An ideal place to learn php would be to find projects at and view bug lists or feature requests and write patches, which you can submit to the development team. if your code is GOOD, it's often accepted into the project's CVS, and if you contribute consistently, you can often be invited onto the developer team

    Two projects in need of developers:


    there's lots more if RPG's arent your thing.. some developers will work with you to help you learn, some will not..

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