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    Flash Tutorial Creator

    I am looking for someone to create flash tutorials of specific cpanel and possibly some WHM tasks.

    I'm not totally sure what it would cost so I'm interested in quotes per tutorial, I will pay if I like ow much you would charge; but I would be more interested in trading hosting for this.

    Email me first, using the email form through the forums, once you have sent me the email then you can try to contact me via the following: AIM Snakeeyes0266, ICQ 105251676

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    Hey Snake,

    As you know im very competent in Flash. I have my own server so am not looking for hosting.

    Will talk online later as usuall.


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    You might try Vito at He is great and takes requests. He doesn't need hosting I am sure but at least you can ask for a quote.
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    Thx for tips will look and talk to you Zach.

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