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    Exclamation Hybridnetwork down?

    I'm not sure what's going on but about ten minutes ago, Mark had refunded me for this month's subscription and canceled my subscription altogether. Without reason nor warnings(which is unlike him).

    I also checked their website, and it is currently non-existant.

    This is very bad news.

    Does anyone know of a reseller package with a host who allowed what hybridnet had?

    I had the 75Gig/200Gig package for $79.99 with adult content allowed.

    I desperately need something comparable. Please help!

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    Hybridnet suddenly cancels?

    I've posted something on this over at the reseller section, as I am a reseller with Hybridnetwork.

    The problem here is that Mark suddenly cancels my subscription after refunding me the money for the month.

    No note, no warnings.

    I checked their website and that, too, is down.

    If someone has any information on this, please let me know. For now, my site along with my clients seem to be fine... though, I don't trust it.

    Also, if anyone happen to know a comparable hosting company who allowed what Hybridnetwork allowed(75Gig/200gig bw with adult content for $79.99) please let me know.

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    Oh, wait... or was that 20Gig/75gig? It's been a while since I've signed up with them that I've forgotten. Can anyone clarify?

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    what exactly are you looking for in a host?

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    Isn't one thread enough?

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    Originally posted by ericnmu
    what exactly are you looking for in a host?

    The typical; reliable and dedicated support and service.

    WHM, Cpanel(or something comparable); unlimited/unrestricted domain name parking, domain name hosting, subdomains, pop3 email access(with webmail preferably), my sql database(unlimited), front page support, ftp, and addon domains; allow adult content; flash support; streaming video support(not neccessary); accept payment via paypal; a written aup/tos(from you, the company).

    The space I'm looking for has to be above 15Gigs/month, with bandwidths' around or above 150Gigs/month. The price I'm looking for is $79.99/month or less.

    I was looking at, but they have restrictions on images... JPEGs... in their AUP. Which just won't do since I host a great deal of fan made websites /news sites for video games.

    I also have one client who sells modchips(just sells, doesn't breach any law in the process because only when the video game systems warranty is broken and then used for playing illegal copies is it considered illegal), so I need a host who will allow an ecommerce site like that as well.

    Any help? And does anyone have anything on Hostelite?

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    If it was 20 Gig disk and 75 gig space, that can surely be done for $80. Although, I am unsure whether adult content allowed. On the top of this website, click HOST QUOTE in orange and see if anyone responds. Good luck.

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    As long as all of the adult content is legal, you shouldn’t have a problem finding a host.

    Did you try host quote?

    Brendan Diaz

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    That request seems reasonable. Plenty of people here can match that.
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    Yeah, you won't have a problem finding a host. That is a resonable price for that hosting. Good luck.

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    Thank you SoftWareRevue for combining my two posts. Much obliged.

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    Given that I don't see any other complaints about hybridnetwork, I wonder... was I the only client?

    Or are there people as outraged and lost as I am regarding this sudden drop of their service?

    It would help to know that I'm not the only one pulling my hair out...

    So unfair...

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    Hi siddichan,
    As others have said try Host Quote and you could also try the Shared and Reseller Hosting Offers forum
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    Given that your money was refunded i think it's pretty safe to say they are gone for good rather than just having some downtime. Sorry to see it happen if that's the case, i hosted a site with Mark/Hybridnetwork once and it was a great service.

    Although i'm sure it's annoying that your sites are down and you now have to find a new home and move them, at least you have your money, can't remember the last time i ever saw a host that closed up and refunded clients without them even having to ask.

    With the prices you were paying it wont be hard to find a decent provider to take on your sites.

    Good luck.

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    * Thank you!

    So, a decision has been made. I would like to thank the following people for assissting me with the decision as well as for providing their knowledge and know-how regarding what to look.

    Brendan - Lucid Hosting
    Wong - Ultra Unix
    Pixel Fenix - Xtremeplay
    Jeff - Black Lotus
    Anand - Netspace Internet
    & finally to anyone who responded in this thread.

    I've found my package, I've found my next host. And I hope to god that the particular host doesn't disappear like Mark/Hybridnetwork.

    Thanks everyone at WHT. I'll bug you all again if I hit the same bump for the sixth time(yes, this is the fifth).

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    You’re welcome Siddi.

    Best of luck with your new host! And let us know how it works out. After going through 5 web hosts, and now landing with a 6th, I hope things will be less stressful for you with your new host lol.

    Brendan Diaz

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    any chance of recovering site?

    I did some work on a site for a group of people that was kindly hosted by hybridnetwork free of charge.

    A number of people had spent time adding news items and I think they will be devastated to find it is all gone.

    Even the server IP the site was on seems to be gone.

    Any one know if the scripts and databasese can be recoverred?

    Also anyone know of anyone else who will host these people?

    They are (were) - a group of scientists providing news relating to developments in clinical and research aspects of fertility.

    They have no funding but are dedicated to providing accesible but unhyped details of latest developments.

    [edited for missing content]

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    If your hybridnetwork website was given a reseller account, it should be accessible via

    Create a backup. Save it.

    I was able to backup some of clients websites later in that particular way.

    The server IP that I was on: still works.

    Server #7 if I'm right.

    Hope that helps.

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    I don't think they were given a reseller account.
    I tried the url and it didn't work with the account name (fertil) provided.
    The server IP was

    I guess this is looking bad.
    I think I might phone Mark.

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    May I ask who you ended up going with, and why??

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