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    most reliable host - price not an issue

    If price wasnt an issue who would you choose for uptime and stability. Looking for a cpanel host in North America. thanks.

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    Since this looks like you are asking for opinions and not a recommendation based on first-hand experience, I would choose

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    or would gladly hook-up to your bank account
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    pair doesn't have cpanel you might try
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    Is *uptime* your number one concern?

    How much space / bandwidth are you looking to obtain? There are many "mission critical" hosts out there but depending on what you're looking for, I could point you in different directions.

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    thanks for the suggestions. Venturesonline seems pretty decent. Looks like they have alot of staff. Yes uptime is my number one concern. resources would probably be in the 1-2GB storage/30-50GB transfer range.

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    not sure if they support cpanel but definitely consider:
    rackspace or skynetweb

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    There are hosts out there that average 100% for months upon months at a time.

    I guess the question should really be which hosts out their offer Terms of Service agreements you can live with, and which ones exceed their TOS the best.

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    Based on reputation for uptime and stability I would go with Pair too. The actual control panel is of a lower importance for me. If I were to choose between great uptime and a wonderful control panel I would go for the uptime... anytime.

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    Greetings: if looking at dedicated servers; if looking at shared hosting.

    Thank you.
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