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    [ freebsd ]

    I think you will answer my question faster than directamdin supposrt...
    ok here it is:
    I bought directadmin few days ago and since my box wasnt ready yet i didnt tell them to install it on my box...but now i hope i will install it fast [ dont like to wait few days for support or whatevr ]

    After I run / script, fill all info and stuff it gives me this thing: "Can't assign requested address".
    I think thats because I am behind router but I am not sure tho...if it is because of router, how can I make my fxp0 have no router's IP but my real one ?

    please answer my question[s]


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    Dont think you will be able to assign you wan ip to a computer in your lan unless you have more then 1 ip, another thing, is the direct admin license setup for your ip?
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    Hey, thanks for reading my post!

    I figured out the way to do that, [ i created link ]


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