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    Scammer!!......Please suggest what to do.........?

    See this post at scriptlance
    www . scriptlance . com /projects /1084137310. shtml

    Hi all
    Please keep on reading...this is a project
    I want to tell you here Shaz Khan sscc_77 at, hans_349 at is a scammer.
    He asks you to do the program and then will ask you to show the code
    otherwise "he can't pay" and then he disappears.
    He owes me $300.
    Did any of you had any experience with him? Please post here
    Well, he studies in a university.
    Now the project is if anyone can tell me where he studies or his contact
    information I am willing to pay him $100
    His paypal id is sscc_77 at
    Thanks all for your time
    I am attaching a pdf, an assignement from his university if that helps
    I want to ask only one question here to all of you
    There are 6 pesons to whom he didn't pay and ripped them off.
    Is it possible to do anything to him, may be to complain paypal
    or just from his paypal id get his real identity etc
    Any help would be highly appreciated
    Thanks all

    AIM: johnsteveuk

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    You should always ask for some money upfront, and never show source codes until payment is complete

    PayPal won't do anything unless you have proof that you gave him, or made him something. Aswell as - you must prove you actually worked for him.

    Otherwise it looks like your just trying to get money for no reason.

    Also, why PayPal? He hasn't paid you, and you havent paid him, so theres nothing they can do...

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    He paid $50 using paypal but not the rest of $300

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    Oh, I see...

    Well, you could tell PayPal, but they wouldn't know if the price was actually $50. See what I mean?

    Really, there isn't anything you can do... except warn people of this user, any aliases he uses, emails..etc

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    If you have a winning bid from scriptlance showing it was $300 bucks, you could probably fight it with paypal ...


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    Thats why you shouldn't code on scriptlance. Just stick with e-lance or rentacoder where they have arbitration and escrow setup to handle this situation

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    did you report it to scriptlance , maybe they can help in IP trace etc ?
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    scriptlance does offer escrow last time i used them
    Synergy Blue LLC |
    USA should so something about:

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    Yeh, me too

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