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    * Domain Trades and Sales!

    Hello folks,

    I'm willing to trade or sell the following domains:

    ================================== (Acronym for 5 Basic eXercises)

    Take a look on
    ================================== (Excellent multi-purpose domain)

    ================================== (Valuable domain name with tremendous religious affiliation quoted in numerous holy scriptures i.e. "The Lord Knoweth All")



    USPT -- U.S. Petroleum Corp. (Stock Symbol)
    USPT -- United States Physics Team

    US: United States +

    *Public Transportation/Transit
    *Pilot Training
    *Police Training
    *Pacific Time
    *Physical Therapy
    *Personal Training
    *PT (Army Physical Training)

    ================================== (email-related service)

    ================================== (excellent for rating domain names)


    *All names were registered with RegisterFly. Easy push available, or speedy transfer. Please send me your domain lists or sale requests via PM.

    (P.S. -- Most domains expire 2005, but one expires in August. I'd like to see some 3-letter .com, .net, and .org, but all will be considered.)


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    inboxmonkey is pretty clever...

    How much do you want for it?

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    Only $22.00; I can throw in the logo too.

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    Mar 2004
    How about an exchange of with my (internet for $6 or items for $6)
    or (items for $7.30?)
    Just some idea on these two domain for future developments.

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    Sorry Acid, I'm not interested in the 3-character .nets. I like the names, but considering all the 3-character .coms are taken and there are still plenty of unregistered 3-char .nets, I'll keep what I've got. Also the Number Letter Letter adds some value to mine, and I think it's got a nice ring to it, but thanks for the offer.

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    how much for

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