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    Exclamation Using GET method please help!!!

    I'm trying to setup a whois function on my hosting site. The thing is I installed the whois program and set the pages perfectly.

    Now when the user enters a domain that's not taken and the click on register to go to the sign up page the "GET" function is supposed to be used and it should show their domain name at the top of the sign up for.. I think when i read the instructions I was supposed to use the variable $domain to do that.

    Everything is in .html and I renamed the file to .php to see if that worked and chmod it to 777. It still doesn't do anything. Please help! The file and readme can be found at:

    Thank You!

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    I think you need to explain your question better.

    "here's a photo of my car, why won't it work" is an analogy i stole off #php which can best describe your current question.

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    Ok. I am designing a webhosting site. A user will search if a domain name is taken or not if it's not taken it'll give them the option to register the domain name ... when they click on register it brings them to the signup form in which case I would like the domain name that they chose to be posted at the top of the sign up page to let them know that that's their domain name..

    Basically the topdog whois script does that but I can't get that part to work. I used the $domain variable but that doesn't work. You understand?

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    How is the $domain variable being passed to the script in question??

    it has to be in the url like:


    in which case $_GET['domain']; will contain

    what he means is.. show the code you're trying to use (snippets) and maybe we can help.

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