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    America's Army Server Resource Usage?

    We've got a client interested in running America's Army on one of our systems. I have experience with CS and other game servers but I've never had anyone ask about America's Army.

    Does anyone know approximately how much bandwidth, cpu and ram this game uses?

    ANY information you can provide would be great; google isn't being too helpful.


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    The requirements vary, depending on how many players you are wanting to host, but here are some approximate minimum server requirements for the number of players you mentioned.

    16 players - 1.5Ghz CPU, 512MB memory, 320kbps upload speed with a MaxClientRate of 7000
    20 players - 2.0Ghz CPU, 640MB memory, 400kbps upload speed with a MaxClientRate of 7000
    24 players - 2.5Ghz CPU, 768MB memory, 480kbps upload speed with a MaxClientRate of 7000

    Your upload speed and MaxClientRate will be determining factors as well. For most people, a netspeed of 7000 is fine, but if you want to set it higher than that, you will need more upload speed than what I posted above.

    If you are planning on running SF maps, you may need more resources than what are listed above.
    Setup instructions for running AA (America's Army) on Linux:

    This one is pretty useful-- Topic regarding creating servers in the AA-forums:

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    Thanks Argious! You just saved me a lot of trial & error testing.

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