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    Lightbulb Server ADMIN for contractual hire

    I’m looking for a p/t Linux server administrator to manage my server(s). Qualified candidates will work remotely from their home or office. Primary means of communication will be via IM (icq, aim, etc.) with some phone contact and perhaps an initial “in person” meeting.

    We’ve been in the Internet business for 5 plus years and are just breaking into the virtual hosting market. If the person I hire fits well with my company and the company vision, a partnership may be offered. As a starting point, the person I hire will be contracted on a “per job” basis in the form of an hourly wage plus a per user/server bonus. Hours will vary, but I guesstimate that it will be several hours a month in the beginning. As we grow your hours, duties, responsibilities and pay will increase.

    Ideal candidates should meet the following suggested minimum requirements:

    - One plus years of Linux/Cpanel/WHM experience
    - Able to setup new Linux with Cpanel/WHM
    - Security, security, security
    - Honestly, integrity and excellent work ethics
    - Good communication skills
    - Preferably someone who’s already on the Internet 24/7
    - In the beginning you will obviously need some other source of income. (Independently wealthy and those who live with their parents our encouraged to apply .
    - Must be willing to work for just one Internet company.
    - Willingness to learn
    - Self motivation and dedication to your job
    - An entrepreneur sprit

    I will provide a 56k dialup and virtual hosting account. In most cases work at your leisure, unless it’s an priority. All interested parties please send your qualifications and or questions to [email protected]. Position is open until filled by the right person. Thank you.

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    - Must be willing to work for just one Internet company.

    It's going to be tough to find somebody that will only work for you and not take any other contracts.

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    I understand that. Willing to wait for the right person. Thanks for your response.

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