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    After starting with and having downtime problems, switching to and my forum outgrowing a shared enviroment I moved to in January, you can view my initial response here .

    So far...


    Uptime has been great, there have been a few moments of downtime due to DDOS attacks but Rus has let us know what was going on each time that anything has happened, the downside to one of the downtimes is I had to visit to find out what was happening, Rus is working on an emergency site for notifications so I'm not worried, plus is there, in a different datacenter. Uptime greater than 99.5%


    Not much to speak of, you can see in my uptime post there has been little and when there was Rus let us know, most of the time my users (a busy forum) didnt even realize it had happened


    I havent needed support for any real "problems", most of my questions have been and will be newbie server management questions, Rus is very patient with those moving from a reseller package to a VPS package, from what I can tell he is a linux guru and surrounds himself with others who are proficient with servers, linux and management.


    Moving from internap at Dinix to Allegience was a big step, one I was worried about, there has been minimal slowdowns or problems with the bandwidth, again, nothing my users have noted, less than they did at dinix, also it seems they have now added XO or XO has taken over


    NO problems, the servers Rus has chosen are superb, I have not had the memory problems I had at dinix, a busy forum with 30 to 150 users online at anytime have had no problems on the smallest plan at vpscolo (with added memory), this also handles a few other active websites at the same time


    UML for a VPS enviroment is great if managed correctly, Rus and his gang have UML mastered, I have experienced first hand the horrors of a virtuosso enviroment that was oversold and mismanaged at dinix, I am VERY happy in a UML setting


    Uptime... 4 out of 5 stars - not perfect but no host is
    Downtime...4 out of 5 stars - each instance was reported
    Support...5 out of 5 stars - every question answered
    Bandwidth... 4 out of 5 stars - its getting better
    Hardware...5 out of 5 stars - no problems here
    Software...5 out of 5 stars - UML is awesome
    Overall...5 out of 5 stars - having used great providers in the past, vpscolo is at the top and continues to excel - short URL service

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    Nice review Dsotmoon!!!

    I too am a VPSColo customer and can echo Dsotmoon's comments.

    Good job Rus - keep up the good work!!!

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