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    Auto post topics/threads in forum (php)

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to make it so when i add news on my site through my php cms I could have it automatically open a new thread in my forum with the title of the news being the subject and include the news in the thread? This is complex i believe but i thought i would throw it out there.

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    This could be pretty simple, what is your forum software? PHPBB, IPB or something else?
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    i want to use phpbb if possible. If it could be done the way i wanted....the subject topic would be the news article title, and the subheading would be the subheading i add when the news is submitted and then have a few fields inserted into the body of the message that included the "summary", "link to the article" etc. Right now I submit a form with the news to go on my webpage and it would be nice if it would also be posted on my forum.

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    Could you post by attatching these pages so i can modify the PHP:
    The CMS news posting page
    The PHPBB new thread page
    The PHPBB new post page

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    I have attached the source code for the new thread. What is the difference between "new post" and "new thread"? I ma not exactly clear on what info you need. i have to attach the files in 2 posts i think.

    here is forum page.
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    here is the submit news page. it might be too complicated cause this is the submit page, then it is approved by admin in control panel.

    also, this is code to my dumy site and not the site i will be making the change on.

    thanks for your help

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    you posted the html..
    post the php page

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    Can you post the PHP action pages for them please:

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    here is 1.
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    here is the other. not sure about which news post file u want. but check this one.
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