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    Looking for these templates, or site where they are bought at.


    I saw these for sale on ebay as turnkeys, but I just want the templates. There's another one, w/ a blue car design thats more than likely from the same template designer.

    I'd appreciate any information that anyone can give me into this matter, as I would like to find these templates. I do not wish to buy the ebay entire site turnkey prices, because I just want the templates.

    Any help would be great.



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    Maybe they aren't templates?

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    Nope, total templates. They have to be. The text in those sites are taken from other sites and only javascript is used to protect the members area, in terms of the templates site. The ebay seller who sells these has sold many other sites on ebay as turnkeys, many of which are templates that I recognize. I just don't recognize these ones though. The seller won't just sell me the templates, so I have to track them down.

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    are you looking for free templates or ones to be bought?

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    he is looking for THOSE templates I believe
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    Those to buy, at average price templates are bought around here, which is 20-40$ a piece.

    However, if anybody could point out a templates "membership" site that they know sells them for certain, that would be great as well. Either way works for me.

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