I'm requesting a review of http://www.StudentQuestions.com. The site has been up and running for almost half a year now. I get around 60 unique hits/ day without advertising, and over 400 members signed up. It's also generating some revenue from textlinks and banners. (BTW, there's one more banner space for sale if anyone is interested).

Anyways, my chief complaint is that my page is over 100k. I think the images are way too big. I've tried converting them to GIF, but it looks horrible. Then, I visit other people's sites with detailed images, and their images are half the size of mine! How do they do it?! Any recommendations?

Also, is the paragraph clear enough? I didn't want a long description, so I shrunk it down significantly. Since I designed the idea for the site, I know what it does.... but do you?

I welcome all critiques, good and preferably bad. I'm about to reinvest the revenue from advertising in GoogleAds, so i want to make sure the site is in tip-top shape before investing.

Thanks in advance!