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    GameServer Admin / Tech Admin

    Looking for a HIGHLY EXPERIENCED GameServer Administrator? Looking for a Linux/Unix/Win2k3 System Administrator qualified enough to help run your dedicated servers? Looking for some tech support for your gameserver/webhosting company? Well today is your lucky day!

    I have:
    5 Years experience in GameServers
    4 Years experience in WebHosting
    4 Years experience in Tech Support
    3 Years experience in Linux/Unix Administration
    I am also VERY flexible on learning new things, as I learn very quickly.

    All prices are negotiable, I am very flexible about things needed to be done and what is to be paid for what I have done.

    I have worked with several companies for quite some time, have done alot of freelance work for people on WHT, and companies found on IRC who are in need of help. I have references, if needed, just email me or IM me. See contact details at bottom.

    Basic packages I setup:

    Full Half-Life(any mod) Dedicated Install - $5.00 (depending on mods/etc and how many you want)
    Full Battlefield(any mod) Dedicated Install - $10.00 (depending on mods and how many you want)
    Full Americas Army Dedicated Install - $7.00
    Full Return to Castle Wolfenstein Dedicated Install - $10.00

    I have listed popular games that people most wanted setup. I know how to setup many many more games, if your looking to have another game installed, just contact me and I will give you a price quote. All prices are NEGOTIABLE and may differ for the amount of servers you want to setup, the more you want setup, the cheaper it is. I am also looking to become a full time gameserver admin for any company.

    I am available on:
    Yahoo: [email protected]
    AIM: LordSainTCNT
    IRC: sAiNt (if not, come to channel #dyn, my main channel.)
    EMAIL: [email protected]

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    Do you know how to code custom binaries?

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    No offense here, but the prices your asking to setup games are crazy. All you need to install any game is just your own code and it would take 20 seconds to install a game. And by the way, I have worked for gameserver companies for about 5 years now also.
    Matthew Gunnin
    COO - Dataracks, Inc. | Ultra-Reliable Hosting.

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    Nice borrowing of words + layout there

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