I have extensive programming and Linux/Unix experience, and am offering custom software development and consulting services.

I have several years of experience programming in C and C++, having written programs such as prtunnel (a network utility that tunnels TCP/IP connections in a variety of ways) and Drome Engine (a 3D game engine that's written in C++ and uses OpenGL for graphics rendering). I also have years of PHP programming experience, particularly using MySQL databases, and have written web applications such as jab:ITS and jab:Phone (see http://www.networkdrome.com/ for more information and online demos of both). For more information, please see my website at: http://www.joshbeam.com/

I can also offer Linux/Unix consulting services, such as software installation. I have 6 years of Linux experience (from Red Hat Linux 5.2 to 9, as well as various versions of Debian and Slackware) and 3 years of BSD (FreeBSD and OpenBSD) experience. I can install all kinds of Linux/Unix software from binary packages (such as RPM packages) or source, including Apache, PHP, MySQL, kernel upgrades, CGI and PHP scripts, and more.

If you're interested in my services, please send me a Private Message on these forums or email me at [email protected] with information on what you need, and I will respond with a price as soon as possible.

Josh Beam