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    Would this help prevent fraud?

    We've been working on the local business market, and it's been good so far.

    However, we're now about to start taking clients from wider afield, who will often be paying significant amounts of money online when our merchant gateway is set up on site.

    A very big concern is fraud - our marketing and advertising campaigns usualyl cost hundreds of pounds per month per client, and we only deal with a handful of marketing clients at any one time.

    So malicious chargebacks could cost us very dear indeed.

    Now, my understanding is that a chargeback can be initially rejected if there is a "proof of delivery".,

    As internet services will often involve downloads or similar - such as my own - then normally there can be no real proof of delivery.

    So I was thinking in terms of sending out invoices by recorded delivery for each month for orders paid online - that way I would at least have UPS tracking IDs to prove delivery and acceptance of the invoice. I figure that could help a great deal against malicious chargebacks.

    However, is that idea flawed?

    And are there any particular tested solutions for taking large sums of money via online orders?

    Comments invited.

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    I have been getting a couple fraud orders lately. I catch 90% of them before they get through but the ones I donít catch cost me. Usually I can just offset the cost and go on my way since its not too much of a big deal. I am not too sure about your idea, I have been looking into something like that and if anyone else is currently using this it would be great to know how it is working out for them. All of my payment gateways ask for pod after chargeback.
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    Sounds like a good idea to avoid chargebacks, there will be more work involved with doing this method, however the benefits will heavily outweigh the negatives.
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    its a bit of lenght process but yes it is really good. Thanks for the idea.

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    Brian your with worldpay right? The only way you will a chargeback is if you have a signature or have refunded the transaction before the chargeback takes place
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    If I'm sending out invoives by recorded delivery - which require a signature for acceptance - then would that not help prevent chargebacks via Worldpay, in your opinion?

    EDIT: Actually, you're probably right - I was concerned that receipt of invoice is going to be perceived very differently to receipt of goods anyway.

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    international cards

    What if it is an international credit card and address verification is not available?

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    You can call up that bank and verify it. Im sure the bank would help you out.

    Consult the banks near you and they would be able to advice you better. thanks

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