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    Broadband question how much d/l is to much?

    i have had cable internet for over a year now and just got into pc games.

    some of the game demos are 600mb each!! there are a few hundred i want to try

    is my cable provider going to charge me extra for all the bandwidth im using? most people don't even use much i doubt.

    i try to limit myself to under 1 gig a day thats only 2 games!

    how much do you think i would have to use before they noticed? some days i don't download anything in there TOS it dosen't say anything about bandwidth but it says they can charge extra for a lot of use and can monitor use..........a lot of use can be 500mb to people who only surf the web. The one game i downloaded (FarCry) is 600mb

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    depends on who your provider is!
    i have a friend, whos on NTL, whos set up a server from his house, he must use about 3-4gb a day.

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    You need to contact them and ask them what there limit is. They obviously have a limit as they state they charge for extra use. Find out the exact amount until they start to charge.
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    Who is your provider? I've never heard of cable companies charging people unless they have set limits. I download Linux ISOs occasionally which can be 1.5GB total, never had a problem with Comcast.

    - Matt

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    You wont have a problem with almost all the of the cable ISP's in the USA as long as they arnt the small independant ones.
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    In the UK you have to be careful.

    A lot of providors will have a 1gb/month cap. We're never going to go anywhere if the british ISP's think it's fine to do things like this. Also, calling 128kbps DSL 'broadband' is just stupid. it's barely faster than 56k.

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