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    Tech Support for a Reseller Account!!!

    I am looking to work for a hosting company as a tech support person.

    WHM/cPanel , Can install cpanel - setup - manage - fix
    Gaming Servers , i can install any halflife game and other games but i will need the install files and guide
    Server Setup, Server Sercure, Ect.
    I can use any helpdesk system or billing or anything you might use.

    I can do Helpdesk Support , Email Support, Aim Support or MSN Support and live chat.

    Working Times: 4pm - 9:30pm Monday - Friday - Sometimes weekends

    All i want for this is a reseller account or something along the lines. Trying to grow a good resume.

    Information about me:
    Name: John Nguyen
    Age: 14 (i have been hosting/managing servers for the past year now.
    Location: Washington State
    Am i working esle were now? Yes, i work @ Reseller101 (sales & tech) & AngelNetworkz (aim tech) JOHN not JON

    Aim: CrspyJohn
    Msn: CrspyJohn
    Email: [email protected]


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    Still looking for 2 more companies to work for. Please email me with your aim and i'll get back to you or whatever way you want me to contact you. - Speedy OpenVPN & PPTP VPN Services

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