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    Can anyone help with this Plesk 7 problem?

    Right, I have 3 domains set up on my server (running RH9 and plesk 7)....the first one works fine, however the other 2 don't at all. when they do, they point to the default plesk page. When I turn off apache to restart as suggested in other posts, the first domain stops working (as expected), but the other domains are still pointing at the default plesk page! I'm so very lost.

    The only difference between the domains is the name server that they are on. The first domain was setup when the server was setup, so is using their name servers. The other 2 domains I have set up the nameservers in plesk.

    Can aaanyone out there help me? It's really starting to bug me!

    Thanks, Paul

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    The global dns is probably pointing to a different IP than what is assigned in Plesk. Ping the domain and compare teh IP to the one assigned in Plesk. This is a guess but it's hard to troubleshoot without actually seeing the config.
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    Well, the ping didn't work. It found the first domains, but said...
    Error 11002 getting hostname of
    the second domain.

    Which config file do you want to see? I am desperate to find out what it wrong..

    Thanks, paul

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