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    Citadel on planet server down

    is anyone else having problems with them going down been down over and hour so far and no replys to tickets

    wasd own last month as well for over and hour and the month before it was down too.

    i expect some dt but not this much

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    Did you mean is citadelhost?
    I am a citadelhost's reseller too but my site is up and running just fine this month and a month ago.

    I use the 3rd party service to measure the downtime of my site, so far last month 100% uptime and this month (untill today) it's 100% uptime too.

    I recommend you to use the 3rd party service to measure your uptime like I do, this to make sure that the problem wasn't just your connection. (I use the FREE one :-) )

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    yep citadelhost

    But on the planet server no sites load cant even get whm open, mails not working and still no replys to the support tickets

    server ip

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    I cant access my site too. I'm on venus server.

    3rd party monitoring reported access problem started at the following time:

    07:13:08 PST
    9:15AM (CDT)

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    had a reply at last from ticket sent around 7.30 now 10.45 ..saying there looking into it

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    all back up now dont no why it was down

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    I'm sure Citadelhost will provide you with a reason. Glad to see that things are back up and working for you.

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    Server is down again... Jon, what's goin on?

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    Please check your emails, Jon has already informed you about it. For those who haven't got the email, here's the information given in it...

    This morning our server experienced a Denial of Service (DoS) attack which was the cause of the initial downtime. A DoS attack is when a malicious user sends useless network traffic to a server causing legitimate traffic to be ignored.

    After receiving help from the datacenter to thwart the attack, software on the server was upgraded in order to help prevent additional attacks. This upgrade required a server reboot."
    And later, got this email...

    It appears the server is experiencing problems with the newly installed software upgrades. We are looking into the issues right now and will update you shortly.
    So I guess the problem isn't over yet at the time of posting this reply. Hope it will be resolved soon.

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    According to their email, their server experienced a DOS attacked and after that they upgraded the software of the server but after the upgrade, the server won't up...but now, it is ok now. thanks citadelhost...

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    I cannot access my WHM on the Mars Server.

    What is going on?

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    Ooops... CitadelHost down again?

    Not like what I said i the thread before now my site is going down too...

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    Yeah, I submitted a ticket around 7am EST. They said they're looking into the problem. Knowing them, they'll take care of it in no time. ^_^

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    Thumbs up

    Up and running fine after almost 4 hours down.

    Good works Jon and thank you for your kindly support and explanations.

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