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    Looking for colo for mini-tower box


    I'm looking for colo for a mini-tower box. I need 20-50GB data transfer to start with, but will need the possibilit to upgrade. I would prefer if there would be a CPanel or DirectAdmin license included too. It needs to be in a high quality DC in the US. I am shipping from the UK so I need to be sure that if the box breaks they can charge an hourly fee and fees for hardware to repair it.


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    what are the specs on the box? you might be better off just getting a dedicated server.

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    If he is interested in collocation, he has already evaluated both most likely and decided collocation was the better option - as it should be.
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    Good point , but

    If i were you i would go with a dedicated server , then you don't have to worry about all the hardware issues etc.
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