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    abt /home and mysql dbs.

    For those of you doing rsync, do you use the build-in cpanel backups?

    My guess: most of you don't but I maybe wrong

    Or you just rsync /home to remote servers and use cronjobs on mysql dbs? (using autodump scripts then ftp remotely, etc..)

    Now the rsync features diffs backups rather than re-uploading everything every backup session, so I figure a .gz would be useless in this case to use with rsync.

    Hope someone can clarify this.

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    For Cpanel you set it to do the daily/weekly/monthly backups locally, if you don't have a second drive you could just write to the same drive, just create a /backup directory.

    Then with rsync as a cron job you can send to remote .. I use following syntax for mine ...

    rsync -e ssh -artz --delete [src] [dst]

    That pipes it securely via SSH for security, I also use private/public key pairs for passwordless logins to automate this process.

    The --delete tells it to remove deleted files from the destination if they no longer exist at the sending side.

    On non CPanel servers I usually setup a rsync of /home, /etc and /var/lib/mysql at the very least, normally I don't bother tarzipping with this method either (rsync has compression, so that will save bandwidth while sending files).
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