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    sequential autoresponder?

    I'm looking for a good quality sequential autoresponder for my main site that I can also offer my clients.

    I'm wondering if there are any free/opensource or less expensive scripts around. Can't seem to find any among the hostgator/fantastico offerings.

    I know there are things like aweber and getresponse but by now with software and functionality I'm used to discovering that there was always a better, cheaper solution if only I'd known about it.

    Is there a better cheaper solution for sequential autoresponders? Maybe a PHP version?

    Ideally the script or service would offer double opt-in and multiple autoresponders or multiple sites.

    Any ideas or suggestions?

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    I found an autoresponder called "Autoresponder Unlimited 2.0" It costs about $10 flat. Sure, it doesn't have everything you could dream of, but at this price it's excellent and unlimited. Easy to configure, too.

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