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    What are these worth?


    I'm new to the board, you guys are great.

    I wanted to know what you guys thought about these domains... <--- has a forum site that would need some editing for the next show <--- has site for selling cigs cheap <--- because some people can't spell



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    what is bigbrother?
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    Big Brother is a CBS Reality TV Show where a number of people live in a house that is full of cameras for a couple months.

    They've made four so far and it's still getting thousands of searches even though the last one ended about 6-8 months ago.

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    1,843 Eh.....Reg fees, probably Is the show due for renewal? If so you might get a few bucks for the name. If not, you might be able to convert it to a forum related to the United Way's Big Brother/Big Sister program, though it might be an infringement. Anything related to cigarette sales seems to be a hot ticket on eBay lately. Most of them are affiliate sites, fully developed already, but this one definitely has potential. Undeveloped, fifty dollars wouldn't be too far fetched of a number. Toss it in with It's worthless on its own.

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    I put the bigbrother forum up for auction on eBay...

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