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    Is Netacore Down?


    Can anyone tell me if Netacore is down?

    I have been having problems with intermittent email and site access over the past few weeks. Today I cannot seem to access anything at all.

    I have submitted a help ticket and waiting for a reply.

    Is anyone else having similar problems?



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    It doesn't seem to be down for me...
    (my other domain, is hosted by them)

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    Same problem here.

    I've had the same problem to. Even mail to my domain is bouncing. I filed a ticket over a day ago and still no response. I've also had another ticket with the help desk open for over a week and no response from them at all.

    I know they recently were migrating the data off of a server (Delta) to a new system, but that was 2 weeks ago, so there shouldn't still be problems.

    I know Norm used to read/post here. Maybe he can give us an answer.

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    I have been experiencing this for the past few weeks. Some days everything is ok others not.

    Email connection seems to take ages and sometimes times out.

    I created a new account/domain and then noticed that all nameservers had been changed to generic netacore ones rather than the ones set up for my reseller account.

    I did query that and got a response to use my nameservers but the new domain never showed. They never said why they had been changed in the first place.

    I tried resetting the nameservers to the netacore generic ones and still no show for the new domain.

    I have resubmitted a help request but as yet no response.



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    My site with them has been down for a week.
    Looks like I need to reverse the charges on my card for the last month.


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    I decided not to wait to see what is happening since my site has been dead for a week and they haven't sent out any info on what is happening.
    I called 2checkout at 1-877-294-0273 since they were set to bill me tomorrow. 2checkout has stopped any billings for the future and is trying to get my last payment back.

    2checkout were very helpful and I recommend that anyone else whose site is dead without any info from netacore contact them.


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    I just got a reply from Norm.

    Here's a copy of an email I just got from Norm. I'm posting it here since he has yet to make any announcement:

    We recently upgraded the Delta server and moved it to a new data center.

    Features now include:
    2 GB ECC Ram
    Dual Intel Xeon 2.8GHz Processors
    RedHat Enterprise 3.0
    Greater Stability

    The new server name is, all accounts have already been transferred.

    We are currently waiting while DNS propagates (currently the DNS is pointing to the old machine) it should be complete within 6 hours.
    Hope this helps a little. I'm still very irritated by this, but at least I got an answer.


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    I too was contacted today about my site

    I was in the same boat as Jason, except that I was unable to contact netacore. Their form for contacting them gave me timeouts last week.
    After talking to 2checkout I tried contacting them via their site again today and got very fast responses. I did get a message similar to the one Jason got and I have been having a discussion with Norm about what happened.
    It looks like some of us fell through the cracks. Given the excellent service I have had for almost 2 years with netacore, I would prefer to keep my site with them.


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    Same here. I'd rather not go through the hassle of switching hosting providers and Netacore was serving me quite well for the last two years. Just the last few weeks have been really bad. I hope that it doesn't happen again, and if it does I'm still looking for good alternate hosts.


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    Is anyone still having problems?

    Its been a lot longer than 6 hours and my new domain still isn't showing. Been trying to get this online since 27 April.

    I agree with astonehouse I have been with Netacore for quite a while - even through all there Router server problems and found them ok. But over the last few months service has been patchy. Maybe that is why they are switching servers.



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    Things seem to have smoothed out since Wednesday morning (yesterday). I'm still a bit baffled by their server move since some of the changes I had mad to my site right before the move aren't there now (maybe they restored from a backup that's a few days older than the move.

    Otherwise things have been much better since the new dns information propagated yesterday. I'm still going to pay very close attention to everything and see what happens.

    On a somewhat tangentially related note, does anyone here have any opinions on for hosting needs? Their prices seem too good to believe, but I haven't seen much about them one way or the other in the forums.


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    I still haven't figured out why all domains had the nameservers changed from those I set up for them to generic Netacore ones?

    Did they do the same thing for anyone else?

    PS I was unable to access cpanel for domains this morning, but the actual domain was showing up ok. I still think there are problems that need sorting.

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