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    PHP passback problem with

    I wonder whether anyone could help me out with this problem...

    I have a account which passes back variables after a sale to my PHP script. This has been working absolutely fine for ages. I now have a new server, and the problem is that the PHP script can no longer access the passback variables.

    The old server ran PHP 4.1.2 whereas the new server runs PHP 4.3.3.

    In the script, I refer to the passback variables directly e.g. echo $merchant_order_id; Interestingly, if I call the script directly from the command line with?merchant_order_id=x, it recognises it. But try that same thing from the 2checkout payment system, and it gives a blank.

    Any ideas?

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    new php u must use the $_POST['merchant_order_id']...

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