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    * W20003S + HELM = stats ?


    Have a w20003S+SQL+MERAK (one box) with helm installed and need advice what stats to use?

    If I choose AWStats - will I have to install it to every domain hosted or helm could create it automatically?

    Have urchin 100 profiles installed, is it compatible/can be used with helm

    Appreciate for any info


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    AWStats is free and can be integrated with Helm. Urchin can be run on W2k3, but you can not control it with Helm. WHA has talked about adding Urchin support, but currently, if you choose to use it, you will have to set it up and administer it manually.

    I personally hate Urchin, I use to use it on Linux boxes. The best stats package is smarter stats for the $$.

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    Thanks PSFServers

    When AWstats integrated to Helm will any folder/files necesssary by AWStats will be created automatically to any new domain createed by HELM or I still have to manually set them?

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    Yes, when you add AWStats to a domain through Helm, all of the files are created automatically.

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